Discussion Rules

A new Discussion Rules page has been added today. The previous   was revised today- full text below. The previous rules on the About and Rules tab of the FetLife group pointed to the CLASS Guidelines only.

Based on the nature of discussions likely to occur here, the BOT felt it would be helpful to spell out in more detail what is deemed acceptable content. We haven’t had any issues with this so far (thank you all for making this a very easy group to moderate!), and want to minimise potential future misunderstandings.


Members are reminded that CLASS discussions (defined as posts and comments on the CLASS FetLife group, CLASS FetLife profile, and CLASS website) are subject to the FetLife Terms of Use (TOU),  FetLife Community Guidelines, and CLASS Guidelines.

Respect members’ privacy. Do not use names or discuss personally identifying information which has not already been shared directly and publicly by the individual themself.

CLASS is a group for adults only.The FetLife TOU prohibit discussions which “Sexualize or publicly fantasize about the following topics: . . . and any activities involving minors.” For the purpose of CLASS discussions, members are welcome to share memories and personal stories of childhood and schooling, provided that they do not involve corporal punishment or any indication of a sexual relationship or arousal. Descriptions of corporal punishment are only acceptable here provided that all parties involved are adults at the time the incident occurred. Participants are reminded that the age of majority in the Republic of Ireland is 18 years.

Debate and constructive criticism is encouraged, however personal attacks are not allowed. As stated in the FetLife Community Guidelines, “It is ok to disagree with someone, but it is another thing altogether to attack them. We don’t accept aggressive personal attacks, criminal accusations, making fun of, trolling, flaming, bullying, racial slurs… pretty much any type of disrespectful behaviour that degrades the quality of discussions and people’s experience here on FetLife.”

Any posts or comments in violation of these rules, or which are deemed to be inconsistent with the CLASS ethos and spirit, will be deleted and may be reported at the discretion of the BOT. Repeat or severe transgressions may result in banning of the poster from future participation in CLASS online forums and/or in-person events at the discretion of the BOT.

These rules may be modified by vote of the Board of Trustees. The owner may make emergency changes to these rules as needed. In the event emergency changes are made, it is the responsibility of the owner to notify the trustees and to seek a formal approval and/or additional revision in a timely manner. All changes, apart from minor changes to format and grammar, shall be announced in both a new thread on the FetLife group and post on the website.

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