Chaotic Birthday for Dublin CLASS

It seems the students were in appropriately high spirits for Dublin CLASS's birthday celebration! Our newest assistant teacher was pressed into service as traffic warden to manage the flow in and out of the Head Teacher's study. Congratulations (or condolences?) to the teachers for attempting to rein in this crowd, and to the students for … Continue reading Chaotic Birthday for Dublin CLASS

Magical Evening of CLASS

Thanks to all who attended last Friday's Dublin CLASS! It was a night full of legends and tricks, psychology, dinosaurs, and homework of varying degrees of quality and creativity. We even enjoyed a magical extra hour that made the end of the night far less hectic than usual! Nevertheless, judging by the punishment log the … Continue reading Magical Evening of CLASS

Attentive Students at Dublin CLASS

At least one student was paying attention to Matthew's lesson, if not necessarily to what he was saying. Another student even brought a gift for their favourite teacher, and only slightly traumatised the cashier for asking for a €1 gift card! Even the school secretary seems to be keeping atop of things, with the school … Continue reading Attentive Students at Dublin CLASS

Dublin CLASS Report

  At the last Dublin CLASS of 2017, the students were treated to lessons on Irish history, geometry, freedom of information (though free, it may bot have been retained by the students), the alphabet, and an assortment of lessons attempted by the substitute teacher.  While some students- particularly the CLASS headbanger- appear to have learned … Continue reading Dublin CLASS Report