Communicating Consent at CLASS Play Events

The CLASS Code of Conduct details the overall policies in place for consent at CLASS play events.


As CLASS play events often involve large group role play, the communication between all participants of consent to participate in various aspects of play is complex.  Therefore, the organiser for each event may implement one or more systems to facilitate the communication of consent between participants in addition to the guidelines in the code of conduct. The system(s) used will vary depending on the event format, and will be explained to all participants in writing in advance of the event as well as orally immediately prior to commencing the scene. Please contact the organiser of the event you wish to attend with any queries on the consent communication systems in use.  


The following systems have previously been used at CLASS events and are detailed here as an example to potential new members.


Traffic Light Badge System


All students will be issued with a set of badges. Students may change these badges as desired throughout the event to indicate their willingness to be punished by the teacher currently teaching their lesson as follows:

  • A student wearing a red badge may not be subjected to corporal punishment. Students with red badges are asked to refrain from misbehaving while wearing this badge as it is unfair to tempt the teacher.
  • A student wearing a yellow badge may be punished by the current lesson teacher only.
  • A student wearing a green badge may be punished by the presenting teacher and/or sent to the head teacher for discipline. Any students sent to the head teacher can expect to be punished by the head teacher in some manner. The “yellow” and “red” safewords are available to such students for use.
  • A student wearing a blue badge may be punished by any available top.  Tops not serving as teacher or head teacher may call these students out to punish any observed misbehaviour, but please ensure that there is space for this punishment and do so in a way that minimises disruption to the lesson.

Student Limit Table


Students may be asked a series of questions prior to the start of the event which are tabulated for reference by all tops during the event. Students wear name badges to ensure the applicable row of the table is referenced.  




Teachers may assign homework to be completed prior to or at the event. When completing homework, students list their name and punishments they are willing to accept on their homework paper. A list of potential punishments may be provided by the teacher for the students to choose from for this exercise.




Students may bring notes with them detailing why they need to be disciplined. These notes may contain recommended punishments and/or limits.


Opt-In Systems


Some events feature activities in which the consequences of participation is communicated to students in advance of the event (for example, the uniform inspection). 


Participants are reminded that the consent communication policies detailed in the code of conduct, including the safeword system, are applicable at all times to all CLASS events.