CLASS Uniform Policy

The standard student uniform policy for CLASS play events is listed below. This dress code is meant to enable participants to enter their roles effectively and contribute to the atmosphere of the scene; the dress code is not meant to be restrictive. The dress code may vary on occasion to suit the event format, but will generally be based on the standard dress code; check each event announcement carefully for the dress code to be used at the event. If you have concerns about meeting the dress code or would like to request alternate arrangements, contact the organiser of the event you wish to attend.

All students should wear the following:

  • White button-down shirt/blouse
  • Black shoes. Heels and trainers prohibited.
  • Dark shorts, trousers, or skirt (tartan preferred).
  • Plain underwear. Patterns, lace, and thongs prohibited.
  • Neck tie; striped preferred
  • Males: dark socks
  • Females: white socks; knee socks preferred
  • Plain white bra (females only)
  • Students may also choose to wear blazers, jumpers, or gymslips if desired.

There is no specific dress code for teachers. New teachers seeking guidance on dress are advised that business casual attire or the like is preferred. Academic gowns or other dress related to the teacher’s lesson (lab coats, etc) may be worn if desired.




One thought on “CLASS Uniform Policy

  1. At some CLASS events, a uniform inspection may be carried out. The procedure may vary, but the following is provided as an example. Please contact the organiser of the event you wish to attend with any queries on the dress code and/or uniform inspection.

    At the start of the evening, all students wishing to participate in the uniform inspection will be asked to stand at the front of the classroom. Participation is optional; students may choose to quietly observe this portion instead by remaining in their seats.  

    Two designated teachers will inspect students’ clothing for conformance to the dress code. Students will be held to the highest standards, and few (if any!) will escape punishment entirely. For minor untidiness (uneven socks, messy hair), punishment will take the form of a 12-swat hand spanking over clothing from the teacher of the student’s choice.  Any deviation from the dress code will result in the use of an implement for this punishment (12 strokes over clothing).  

    After the students outerwear is inspected, students will face the blackboard so their regulation underwear may be checked. (Students not wishing to participate in this portion of the inspection may return to their seats and quietly observe.) Any student found to be wearing non-regulation underwear will be given an additional 12 stroke punishment by a different teacher of their choice- over the non-regulation underwear of course!

    Note: Participation in the inspection will be used to signal consent to the resulting punishment. The verbal safewords “yellow” and “red” may be used to lighten or stop any punishment at ALL times during the event per the CLASS Code of Conduct.


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