Dublin Night CLASS, 27 Jan 2017

The Dublin Chapter of CLASS Ireland met again this past Friday for an evening of education. Students were enlightened through lessons in the nuances of collective nouns from Mr. N. S. Gentle, an quick-fire quiz on Irish history from Mr. Parker, a lesson in presentation from Master Respect, an interactive seminar on the anatomy of … Continue reading Dublin Night CLASS, 27 Jan 2017

2016 in Review: Dublin

After starting with a pair of munches, a suitable venue was found for a play event in Dublin. ¬†Students and teachers gathered in a ready-made classroom for an evening of education. On the inaugural night of the Dublin chapter of CLASS, students learned the following valuable lessons: England won the Irish civil war. Pi rounds … Continue reading 2016 in Review: Dublin

2016 in Review: Galway

CLASS returned back to where it all began for the final event for 2016. ¬†Fittingly, CLASS students were summoned to detention to pay for their misbehaviour over the year (as well as a few new students who managed to land themselves in detention right from the start!). All students brought notes explaining why exactly they … Continue reading 2016 in Review: Galway