2016 in Review: Cork

In November 2016, CLASS held our first session in Cork.

Cork Classroom


Students and staff began the day by entering their names in the Cork register before settling in for the day’s lessons.




Teachers had plenty of implements at their disposal to help reign in any misbehaviour.

cork2 cork1

The Headmaster waited in his office upstairs to deal with any severe misbehaviour


cork11 cork3

Students and teachers received awards after the session. Mr. Steed for (lack of) classroom control, Nyx for being the biggest little squirt, and Lacies for successfully evading punishment.


Although the punishment log may have been pristine when lessons started. . .


. . .that certainly didn’t last long!


Despite learning some painful lessons, the pupils and teachers are looking forward to another session in Cork, as are several new students and staff.  Watch for event notifications in 2017!

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