Introducing the Headmaster*

He’s coming. . .to the Cork CLASS session!

While our teachers at CLASS do their utmost to instil a sense of respect and discipline in their students, in some cases sterner measures are called for.  As classroom discipline alone has not appeared to make a sufficient impact on the attitudes of some students, the Headmaster himself will be present in his office in Cork, ready and waiting to receive any students who require severe discipline.

Students be warned- an order to visit the Headmaster’s office is not something to be taken lightly!  It’s a long and lonely climb up to his lair, and it’s been said that he does not always admit visitors immediately, particularly those sent to him to discuss their poor behaviour.  Be prepared to wait in the outer office until he is ready to deal with you, using the time to reflect on the actions that resulted in your summons and prepare for the fate that awaits when  you are called inside.


*Note- for this event, the “Headmaster” is not one specific person, but the post will be rotated among all teachers in attendance throughout the event, and may indeed become the “Headmistress” should any female teachers wish to take on the role.

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