2016 in Review: Dublin

After starting with a pair of munches, a suitable venue was found for a play event in Dublin.  Students and teachers gathered in a ready-made classroom for an evening of education. On the inaugural night of the Dublin chapter of CLASS, students learned the following valuable lessons:

  • England won the Irish civil war.
  • Pi rounds up to six
  • Any knowledge of Justin Bieber is a caning offense
  • 4=10
  • “Is Kia fault” can make you escape punishment, unless she is the Monitor
  • You can get away with a LOT if no-one sees you…
  • Some people really needed the devil beaten out of them.
  • If you lose your test you get 12 of the best. With a couple more added if you lose count….
  • Anatomy can be fascinating when taught in a most delightful and visual class given by the award-winning and stunning visiting Prof Angelgreeneyes!
  • A group of people could come together on a winter’s night in Dublin City centre and create a magical environment where fun and laughter abounded amid the spankings.




Dublin CLASSes (and munches) will be resuming in the new year- watch this space for event announcements.

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