Class – Testing and challenging me and I’m a Teacher


I thought I would write something about my time in Class this year. This school play set up has been a wonderful bonus for me but also quite challenging.

All my life I have struggled speaking in front of a group of people. Even in my own actual school days I struggled with speaking in front of class as I got so nervous. In my working life I had many a sleepless night knowing I had to give a presentation in front of people the next day.
Knowing that I was to be a teacher in Class made me nervous as a kitten. Yes I know it was all fun but speaking in front of a group of people still made me so nervous. Some people may find this strange as lots who know me might say I never shut up.

I am also a very stubborn person so I was never going to let nerves win. Yes I have struggled but I am getting more relaxed and really enjoying giving classes in this fun and new adventure.

The other element of Class that has surprised me more is being able to deal with male students. I would not normally play with a male or spank them and the idea of doing so in a Class situation is something I thought I would never do. I must add here that Class is set up so well that you can easily opt out of something you are not comfortable with. (It is worth reading the Class Code of Conduct to see how this is dealt with).

For me there has always been an element of sexual buzz in delivering a spanking and I once described it as akin to sex without the mess.

As time went on control came as much into it and it became a big part of spanking someone. With these thoughts in mind I was sure I would opt out of dealing with a man in a class play situation.

However I was so wanting this Class venture to work and run smoothly I said I would try and get over my feelings about spanking a male if needed. I was not looking forward to it but said I was prepared to do so if the need should arise.

To my surprise I found that after getting into “Teacher headspace” it seemed to happen naturally. No longer was I looking at male or female students but misbehaving students in need of discipline and correction.

It makes me smile now when I think of the Cork Class where I called the whole class up for punishment for misbehaviour. My comment “ skirts up ladies and trousers down young man “ just happened as part of a scene I was very much into. It was misbehaving students getting their just desserts regardless of gender.

I still wouldn’t play with a man at a normal spanking event but somehow school is different.

There are many more things I could say about this wonderful Class group but suffice to say I am very happy I got involved and long may it continue. I urge any who are thinking of getting involved to do so . You wont regret it.

Roll on Class 2017!

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