Chaotic Birthday for Dublin CLASS

It seems the students were in appropriately high spirits for Dublin CLASS’s birthday celebration! Our newest assistant teacher was pressed into service as traffic warden to manage the flow in and out of the Head Teacher’s study. Congratulations (or condolences?) to the teachers for attempting to rein in this crowd, and to the students for taking it all in stride.

Students are advised that, despite the unprecedented number of entries in the punishment book for a single session, plenty of blank pages remain to document consequences for future misbehaviour.

Timetable 29 Nov 2019

Punishment Log 29 Nov 2019

Punishment Log 29 Nov 2019 Continued

Punishment Log 29 Nov 2019 Continued Again

3 thoughts on “Chaotic Birthday for Dublin CLASS

  1. What a punishment book. Bearing in mind some of the reasons given for punishment, I suggest the teacher writing in the book deserves a caning for poor handwriting.


  2. And to think I only appeared in my school punishment book six times in five years in the 1960’s. I feel rather well behaved now!!!


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