CLASS Dublin Munch: Tuesday 04 Oct, 8pm

CLASS Ireland will be holding a munch in Dublin – our first – on Tuesday 04 October at 8pm (Rescheduled to October due to the Dublin Bus strike).  Particularly for those new to role play events, the munch provides an opportunity to get to know other group members in a vanilla setting before attending play events.

Refer to the event description on FetLife to RSVP and for instructions on how to attend. For those not on FetLife and looking to attend the munch, please use the contact form here to express interest and we will reply with information on how to attend.  Also please read the munch guidelines for an idea of what to expect.

One thought on “CLASS Dublin Munch: Tuesday 04 Oct, 8pm

  1. I hope people come to this munch. It is going to be a relaxing evening. feel free you ask any questions to myself or anyone else who has taken part in the class event in Galway.


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