latest draft


Introducing the official CLASS school crest!

Motto: Mentibus Apertus Nates Dolores (Open minds, smarting bottoms)

The escutcheon is in the shape of a lozenge rather than the more typical shield. The lozenge shape was historically used on the arms for certain women, rather than the shield associated more closely with warfare. Although CLASS is open to students and teachers of all genders, and while a certain degree of chaos is to be expected at some events, we do hope to avoid armed conflict.

The phoenix rising from the fire represents the redemption to be found through acceptance of punishment, the burn of which is represented by the flames rising from the crossed canes (alternately, some individuals may choose to see this as the phoenix of forgiveness rising from the fire started by  the burning of certain implements. . .).

The breast of the phoenix bears an inescutcheon with the BDSM triskele, representing the larger community from which our group has descended.

At the top of the crest, a rising thought reaches for an open book, representing the continuous quest for knowledge and wisdom of all CLASS students and teachers.


Credit where credit is due:

Initial design & motto: Kia (with liberal assistance from Wikipedia and Google Translate)

Final design: SomethingShorter

Final motto: Latin Masters Topcat599 and Akheilos

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