Extra Credit Essay Assignment: Why I Must Not Give Cheek in Class

Announcing CLASS Ireland’s first virtual event!

All interested students are invited to submit an essay on the topic “Why I Must Not Give Cheek in Class.” Teachers are also welcome to participate in the essay-writing portion of the event, either by channelling their inner student or by writing on the topic from a teacher’s perspective.

After submission, essays will be open to comments from teachers and fellow students.

Recommended length is approximately 500 words, but essays of any length are welcome. All essays must be submitted as detailed below between 8pm Friday, 07 October and 8pm Sunday, 09 October for entry into the prize draw. Likewise, comments must be submitted before 8pm on Friday, 14 October for entry into the prize draw. (all times GMT)

This is not a writing competition. Constructive criticism is welcome, however please remember to keep the overall tone of all comments positive. This challenge is about encouraging good-natured banter and getting to know one another, not critiquing writing skills.


We will be giving away two ebooks from The Library of Spanking Fiction. One will be awarded to a randomly-selected essay writer, and one to a randomly selected super-commentor (anyone who comments at least once on every essay submitted). Anyone who both submits an essay and comments on all other essays will be entered into both draws.

How to submit an essay:

  • Note: the instructions below assume all participants are active on FetLife.   If you would like to participate but do not have a FetLife account, let us know using the Contact Us form here.
  • Before 8pm on Friday 07 October, CLASS_Irl will start a thread on the CLASS Ireland group titled “Extra Credit Essay Submissions: Why I Must Not Give Cheek in Class”
  • Anyone wishing to submit an essay shall post the essay to their own profile (for technical difficulties with posting, see this FAQ page, and let us know using the Contact Us form here if assistance is needed)
  • After posting your essay, submit a link to their work on the submission thread in the CLASS Ireland Group (to get a link to the writing, click the title of the writing, copy the address from the address bar, and paste the address as a comment on the submission thread)
  • Enjoy (and participate in) the banter. Comments must be made by 8pm on Friday, 14 October for entry into the prize draw.
  • Note: as writers are posting essays to their profiles directly, each writer may moderate the discussion on their own essay at their discretion. Commentors are asked to keep the CLASS Group Rules in mind when commenting. Deleted comments will not count, so it is advisable to be polite and pleasant.

Contact Us with any questions, or post queries in the comments section below.

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