Dublin Night CLASS: Friday 07 Jul 2017

The Dublin Chapter of CLASS Ireland is holding another evening of education. All participants are advised to familiarise themselves with the CLASS Code of Conduct prior to attending. Any questions on the code of conduct may be directed to us using the Contact Us form. Registration Places are limited, so please Contact Us to reserve your … Continue reading Dublin Night CLASS: Friday 07 Jul 2017

Dublin Munch: 11 July 2017

CLASS Ireland will be holding another munch in Dublin on Tuesday, 11 July at 8pm.  Particularly for those new to role play events, the munch provides an opportunity to get to know other group members in a vanilla setting before attending play events. Refer to the event description on FetLife to RSVP and for instructions … Continue reading Dublin Munch: 11 July 2017

Class Ireland’s Virtual Visual Event: June 2017

Delighted to announce Class Ireland's second virtual event! All interested participants are invited to submit a creative self portraiture photograph under the theme of 'My role in Class' and we are really looking forward to seeing everyone's personalised interpretations! After submission, photographs will be open to comments from teachers and fellow students. But the final choice of favourite photos … Continue reading Class Ireland’s Virtual Visual Event: June 2017

Galway Detention, 10 Jun 2017, 4-7pm

It seems the CLASS students have begun to get a bit out of hand. Such was the level of chaos and disrespect at recent lessons that several students* are due for a Saturday detention. Students attending detention must bring a note explaining what they have done to deserve punishment, which may contain recommendations for appropriate … Continue reading Galway Detention, 10 Jun 2017, 4-7pm