Dublin June CLASS Events

No summer break for CLASS students!

We will begin with a munch in Dublin on Tuesday, 11 Jun at 8pm, followed by a play event on Friday 14 Jun.


Our first event will be a munch in Dublin on Tuesday, 11 Jun at 8pm. Particularly for those new to role play events, the munch provides an opportunity to get to know other group members in a vanilla setting before attending play events.

For looking to attend the munch for the first time, please:

  1. Read the munch guidelines
  2. Use the contact form to confirm that you have read and agree to the munch guidelines
  3. Check your email for our reply letting you know where we meet and how to find us


On Friday, 14 Jun 2019, the Dublin Chapter of CLASS Ireland is holding another evening of education.

All participants for the play event are advised to familiarise themselves with the CLASS Code of Conduct prior to attending. Any questions on the code of conduct may be directed to us using the Contact Us form.


Places are limited, so please Contact Us to reserve your place and to confirm your role* to ensure that an appropriate ratio of staff and students are present. Participants may take on multiple roles over the course of the night if desired, subject to scheduling and availability. Please rank roles in order of preference when registering.

*Note: Roles include:

  • Teacher (top) – Each teacher will be given 20 minutes to deliver a lesson to the class, and will be responsible for student discipline during this period, with the assistance of the head and assistant teachers as necessary. Note: All teachers must submit lesson plans to the organiser prior to the event. Any homework or or other pre-work requests must be approved by the organiser prior to posting.
  • Assistant Teacher (top) – Assistant teachers are responsible for monitoring student conduct and assisting with discipline as needed.
  • Head Teacher (top) – Head teachers assist with disciplining students removed from lessons for serious infractions.
  • Guidance Counsellor (top) – Watch over lessons to ensure that all students are living up to their potential. Students observed to be lazy, working sloppily, or otherwise not paying suitable attention to their teachers may be pulled aside for individual counselling sessions.
  • Student (bottom) – Students are expected to behave ahem appropriately, as failure to do so will not be tolerated.
  • Monitor (any) – Monitors will observe the scene and assist the organiser in enforcing the event rules. Note- attendees monitor for only a portion of the evening and will also take on one (or more!) of the other roles above when not serving as a monitor.

Note: Monitor training will be provided prior to the event on request. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a training session.


Participants are reminded that punctuality is crucial to ensuring the scene flows smoothly. Latecomers – students and staff – will be dealt with harshly (and not in the fun way), as tardiness is both unprofessional and a decidedly uncreative way to court trouble.

Doors open at 6:30pm. All participants are asked to arrive at the venue by 7pm. The venue provides free coffee, tea, and biscuits, so be sure to be on time for a snack before we begin! Participants may also change into costume at this time. The venue toilets may be used for changing, but note that the toilet is located a short distance down a shared corridor. The classroom is a private area and may also be used for changing.

Promptly at 7:15pm, the event will begin with out-of-character introductions of participants and the venue staff and review of the timetables, monitoring guidelines, and event procedures.

Lessons begin at 7:30pm and will last approximately 2 hours. After lessons are complete, participants are free to mingle until the venue closes at 10pm.

Note that the venue has a strict no-alcohol policy, and anyone arriving under the influence will not be admitted. Also note that no alcoholic beverages may be brought to the venue. However, some of us may venture elsewhere for a drink nearby after the event.

Dress Code

Dress for your intended role. Effort is appreciated. Modest dress is required for this event, and note that clothing will not be removed for punishments at this event. Students are encouraged to adhere to the uniform policy.


There is a 15 Euro admission charge for this event (10 Euro for trained monitors who monitor for at least 2 lessons), payable upon arrival.

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