Seeking Guidance

No, we’re not consulting an oracle; we’re seeking applicants for the new post of guidance counsellor for the upcoming Dublin CLASS.


Job Description

The guidance counsellor will watch over lessons to ensure that all students are living up to their potential. Students observed to be lazy, working sloppily, or otherwise not paying suitable attention to their teachers may be pulled aside for individual counselling sessions. The guidance counsellor will engage with these students to attempt to uncover the root of any issues interfering with their full participation in lessons, and impress upon them the importance of hard work in school.  The message may be reinforced by a hand spanking or a number of swats with a mild implement if it is decided that the student may benefit from such a reminder.



Compassion for students, creativity in scolding, and proficiency with corporal punishment required.

Previous experience with CLASS desired, but not strictly necessary.


All applicants are asked to get in touch using the contact form

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