A year ago today, the CLASS Ireland group was created.


At the time I thought this was going to be a small, informal thing. However, we took care to try to set the group up for success on a larger scale.


There was more enthusiasm for the group than I’d ever imagined. The excellent banter on some of the early threads turned dreams into plans and plans into events in Galway, Cork and Dublin.  Thank you to all of you for your assistance, support, and patience over the last year. CLASS wouldn’t be what it has become without you.


In particular, thanks to those who stepped up to serve on our Board of Trustees during my term.


Today, as I end my term as owner, I can look back on an amazingly fun (and amazingly educational) year. Thank you for making this a wonderful experience, and please show Brian the same support, enthusiasm, and patience you did me.






From today I am in the hot seat and i confess I am terrified.


I am hoping  this year will be a good one following on a fantastic and successful year for this fun and exciting venture.


So much has been achieved in its first year that I feel a little like David Moyes taking over from Alex Ferguson after his success, to use a soccer analogy.(Not that Kia reminds me of a grumpy Scot lol)


I think we should all be proud of what we achieved in the last year and with all your help hopefully we will continue to grow this exciting and fun group.


I know I can count on the help of Kia as I feel my way into this role but I need the help of all you lovely people.


It will be challenging for me but I have fantastic friends in this group and I want you all to feel you have a role to play in continuing its success.


Feel free to call me on anything I get wrong but please be gentle.


I will do my utmost to keep this wonderful venture moving forward.


Your help is needed





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