A new Owner for CLASS Good luck Wildestyle

A year ago tomorrow, I took over as leader of this fun group.

A lot had been done in the previous first year of our group to make sure we were set up properly with proper guidelines and procedures.

For this we owe a lot to kia_r_cera and the original BOT who although it was a small group, had set it up properly for success as we grew bigger.

I have found it a struggle but have learned a lot during my year.

At times I found that the super people in the group kept me sane when I struggled.

You are all  indeed wonderful and fun, full of imagination, banter ,plans and enthusiasm.

Thank you to all of you for your assistance, support, and patience over the last year.

CLASS wouldn’t be what it has become without you.

In particular, thanks to those who stepped up to serve on our Board of Trustees during my term:  

Today, as I end my term as owner, I can look back on  a testing yet still fun year for me.

Thank you for making this an interesting experience, and please show @Wildestyle the same support, enthusiasm, and patience you did me.



by Wildestyle

The day has come where I have to put on my big girl boots and take ownership of the class group. I am only too aware that I have big shoes or perhaps big gentle hands to fill in taking over from @supergentlebrian
I would like to thank him for his tremendous work this year, but he need not think he is off the hook just yet.
Also to the previous owner @kia_r_cera who has done some remarkable work in establishing guidelines, procedures and safety measures for ClassIRL. As well as ensuring each munch and event ran smoothly and had the necessary equipment.
Thank you both and to all members of the Board of trustees, for having the confidence in me and encouraging me to step up and for running the group with such ease.
As I’m sure this will be a sharp learning curve all help and advice is very much welcomed and appreciated.
ClassIRL membership continues to grow and there is definitely an opening to host further events around the country. Please feel free to join our wonderful group.
Lastly ClassIRL has undoubtedly been the most fun event I have ever attended, may it continue this way with plenty of fun and giggles along the way and even more spanking.

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