CLASS Summer Camp! 8-11 Jun 2018

CLASS is proud to announce our first multi-day event: CLASS SUMMER CAMP!

Imagine a full weekend housed onsite in a beautiful location where exceptionally naughty students are required to give up part of their summer holidays to attend a vigorous programme of classes, games, sports, nature walks & group activities designed to promote bonding and instill extra discipline under the watchful eyes of the Camp Counsellors who will punish any rule-breakers without hesitation.

(Participants may have the option of doing either one day, two days, or the full three day weekend.)

To assist the long-suffering Teaching Staff in this noble exercise, it’s a joy to welcome back to Ireland the very fabulous & formidable MissChris (and some of her spanko friends) all the way from the U.S. of A.

Apart from being a world renowned pro-disciplinarian (brats beware!) and kink educator for many years on the international scene, kinksters of a certain vintage may remember her unforgettable classes and workshops at the legendary ‘Twisted Leprechaun’ BDSM festival held in Dublin back in 2011.

Her classes will include at least two from the following:

  • Role Play: Actualizing your Wildest Spanko Fantasies (focusing on school/academic role plays)
  • Corporal FUNishment (focusing on school CP)
  • Discipline and Punishment for Age Players

Further details of which can be found here.

Miss Chris will also have a selection of her own custom made leather straps and implements for sale.

This really will be a wonderful weekend of fun, fresh air, and freedom to return to those hazy sunny days of youthful summer memories.

Places will naturally be limited so for further information and details, please contact us.


Date & Time

Friday 8th June 18.00 – Monday 11th June 12.00 inclusive.


A quiet countryside retreat close to nature set in scenic surroundings on the west coast of Ireland.


Exceptionally affordable value including accommodation,food and a full set of activities/classes.

Dress Code

Summer camp attire. PE/sports and outdoor hiking gear encouraged. Swimwear optional!


CLASS members who have been paying attention may have noticed that this event is on for the same weekend as a previously announced detention event. The detention event has been cancelled- though naughty students are warned that they should be on their best behaviour as a replacement detention will be scheduled before long.

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