Galway CLASS Detention followed by the Staff & Faculty Christmas Party!

Another year over.

We hope you had fun!

Time to bring CLASS 2017 to a close with a bang and a wallop!

It promises to be a cracker.

Detention will be the first order of business followed by the Staff & Faculty Christmas Party followed by the glorious Galway Munch followed by…???

  • Students attending detention must bring a letter to Bad Santa explaining why they were naughty and not nice during the year!
  • All teachers supervising detention will have an opportunity to impress upon the students the error of their ways.
All participants are advised to familiarise themselves with the CLASS Code of Conduct prior to attending. Any questions on the code of conduct may be directed to the organiser using the contact form.

Note: Although several students from past CLASS lessons have indeed been given detention, this event is open to all students, including students new to CLASS Ireland. Students should note that all students may be punished by any/all teachers in attendance, though students may opt for non-corporal punishment (lines, corner time, etc) if they choose.

Who Can Attend

Places are limited, so please using the contact form to reserve your place and to confirm your role* to ensure that an appropriate ratio of staff and students are present. If you are not already known to the organiser, please include the fet name of a mutual friend willing to vouch for your conduct at play events.
Individuals looking to get involved in CLASS Ireland events in Galway are advised to start by attending open events (for example, munches) to get to know others in the local scene.
*Participants at this event may choose to be teachers (tops) or students (bottoms). Attendees curious about CLASS but not yet willing to participate in the scene directly may serve as monitors for the event. PM the organiser for details on monitoring. No previous experience is required; for new monitors, an experienced co-monitor will assist for your first session.


Participants are reminded that punctuality is crucial to ensuring the scene flows smoothly. LATECOMERS (STUDENTS AND STAFF) WILL BE DEALT WITH HARSHLY (AND NOT IN THE FUN WAY), as tardiness is both unprofessional and a decidedly uncreative way to court trouble.
All participants are asked to arrive at the venue by 4pm. The first half hour will be a casual discussion during which participants can get to know one another and will have a chance to change into uniform. After all participants have assembled, the expectations for the day’s scene will be reviewed. Participants may also change at this time. The school bell will ring to begin detention no later than 4:30. Detention will last approximately 2.5- 3 hours as required.
Participants are also encouraged to attend the evening’s munch after CLASS. Note that the munch is not affiliated with CLASS; anyone wishing to attend the munch who has not already attended a Galway munch is advised to read the event description and apply to the munch organisers as indicated. The CLASS event will end in time to allow anyone who needs to attend the pre-meet to arrive in time.


10 Euro CLASS Donation + Optional Christmas Dinner TBC

Dress Code

Dress for your intended role. Effort is appreciated. Suggestions for locations to purchase uniform components on a budget can be found here

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