Detention: 11 Mar 2017

Despite the recent Saturday detention organised by the headmaster, it seems the CLASS students have continued to get more than a bit out of hand at subsequent events and also with their online behaviour and attitude. Such was the level of chaos and disrespect at recent lessons that several students are required to attend another Saturday detention.

Therefore in order to remedy this once and for all (inter alia) the school principal has been required to organise another, stricter, Saturday detention session. During this upcoming detention the classroom will be used for remedial lessons as required by the students in attendance, and will be supervised by the headmaster together with several of the other teachers in attendance. Any indiscipline will be dealt with on the spot by the supervising teachers.

In addition to the classroom activities the school principal and the remaining teachers will be in the staffroom where, in conjunction with staff training and relaxation, they will deal with any students sent there from the classroom. Be advised that any students sent to the staffroom will be dealt with considerably more ‘robustly’ than they might be in the classroom.

As well as the school principal and the headmaster supervising both rooms, there is a possibility of an unannounced visit by ‘an cigire’. In such a case not only will the students’ behaviour be addressed, but so will the ability of the teachers to deal with them adequately. Needless to say, if this is not sufficient then an cigire will remediate as required by demonstrating his tried and tested technique.

As well as the above, junior or new teachers in attendance will be also given supervised introductions to dealing with errant students. This will include the correct use of the various implements at their disposal, together with other techniques for control and discipline. This training will be available to the head girl and/or boy if applicable.

Notes (Required for all students in attendance)

  • Students attending detention must bring a note for presentation in the classroom, explaining in detail what classroom lessons they require remediation in. This may be based on their performance while in attendance at recent CLASS events.*
  • All students attending detention must also independently ask any CLASS teacher to write and send in another separate note explaining what they have done to deserve being sent to the staffroom for punishment, which may contain recommendations for appropriate punishments.
  • Additionally, any CLASS teacher or student- including both those attending and not attending this detention- may independently send in a note reporting any student attending detention and explaining what they feel said students have done to deserve punishment, which also may contain recommendations for appropriate punishments.

These notes should all be sent by PM to the school principal and event organiser, Akheilos, or use the contact form. Once collated, all notes will be printed and put in a sealed envelope for use as required during the event, and may be published on the CLASS FetLife group and website to serve as an example for prospective students.

*Although several students from past CLASS lessons have indeed been given detention, this event is open to all students, including students new to CLASS Ireland. Students should note that all students may be punished by any/all teachers in attendance, though students may opt for non-corporal punishment (lines, corner time, etc) if they choose.


Places are limited, so please PM the organiser or use the contact form to reserve your place and to confirm your role** to ensure that an appropriate ratio of staff and students are present. If you are not already known to the organiser, please include contact information of a mutual friend willing to vouch for your conduct at play events.

Individuals looking to get involved in CLASS Ireland events in Galway are advised to start by attending open events (for example, munches) to get to know others in the local scene.

**Participants at this event may choose to be teachers (tops) or students (bottoms). Attendees curious about CLASS but not yet willing to participate in the scene directly may serve as monitors for the event. PM the organiser, or use the contact form for details on monitoring. No previous experience is required; for new monitors, an experienced co-monitor will assist for your first session.


Participants are reminded that punctuality is crucial to ensuring the scene flows smoothly. Latecomers (students and staff) will be dealt with harshly (and not in the fun way), as tardiness is both unprofessional and a decidedly uncreative way to court trouble.

All participants are asked to arrive at the venue by 4pm. The first half hour will be a casual discussion during which participants can get to know one another and will have a chance to change into uniform. After all participants have assembled, the expectations for the day’s scene will be reviewed. Participants may also change at this time. The school bell will ring to begin class no later than 4:30. Detention will last approximately 2.5- 3 hours as required.


Tea, coffee, and light refreshments will be available as required.There will be plenty available as usual at the venue, and there will be no cost for any of this. That said, participants are encouraged to leave a donation for classroom upkeep and refreshments, and are also advised that there will be a BYOB social gathering after detention.

Note that there is no eating, drinking, or smoking allowed in the classroom during detention.

Fine print

All participants are advised to familiarise themselves with the CLASS Code of Conduct prior to attending. Any questions on the code of conduct or this event may be directed to the organiser, or use the contact form.


Participants are also encouraged to attend the evening’s Galway munch after CLASS. Note that the munch is not affiliated with CLASS; anyone wishing to attend the munch who has not already attended a Galway munch is advised to read the event description and apply to the munch organisers as indicated.The CLASS event will end in time to allow anyone who needs to attend the pre-meet to arrive in time.

See yo’all there hopefully 🙂

One thought on “Detention: 11 Mar 2017

  1. Clarifications

    As the organiser has received a few questions on the format for this event, we would like to clarify the following:

    This detention will be in two separate locations within the venue – the classroom and the staffroom. Teachers will be divided roughly 50/50 in both locations, and will change location half way through. Students may all be rotated through the staffroom for a short period during both halves of the event. Discipline for those sent to the staffroom will be more robust, as would be expected.

    Students will primarily be attending the classroom for remedial lessons and studies. So for the classroom aspect they have to bring a hand written note (written by themselves) explaining what lessons and studies they need remediation in. These notes are expected to range from the sublime to the ridiculous. That’s the first mandatory note.

    All students attending detention are also required to ask any CLASS Teacher to send in a separate note explaining why they should be sent to the staffroom, and may suggest appropriate discipline. Under no circumstances are students to have sight of these notes. Therefore they should be sent directly to the organiser by PM or the contact form or alternatively handed in personally on the day. That’s the second mandatory note.

    Finally, any teacher or student may independently send in a note suggesting any student should be sent to the staffroom. As before under no circumstances are students to have sight of these notes. Therefore they should be sent directly to the organiser by PM or the contact form or alternatively handed in personally on the day. That’s the third type of note.


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